"What is Fastbraces?” you may be asking. In a word, Fastbraces is an extraordinarily exciting and brilliant development in braces technology that has revolutionized the field of orthodontics. Fastbraces straightens crooked teeth in months, not years!

How is this possible? Fastbraces uses triangular brackets to shift your teeth into the correct position. This novel and inspired triangular design allows the crown and root to be moved at the same time, thus radically shortening treatment time. Traditional braces, on the other hand, use square brackets which - unlike the triangular brackets of Fastbraces – move the crown and root separately, which results in significantly higher treatment times and (as peer-reviewed studies have found) higher levels of discomfort. Moreover, Fastbraces does not require extractions, which are often part of the treatment process of traditional braces.

To sum up, Dr. Zhang, as a trained Affiliate of Fastbraces is typically able to straighten the teeth of her patients in just 20 Weeks instead of the 2 to 4 Years  required by traditional braces to produce the same results.

If you want a straight, beautiful smile in just 20 WEEKS instead of Years, with less discomfort, without extractions, and at just HALF the price of traditional braces, then you are an excellent candidate for Fastbraces. Fastbraces is equally safe and dazzling in its results whether you are a child or an adult. 

To learn more about Fastbraces, call Magic Smiles day at (708) 481-2288 to schedule a free consultation today. Beautiful Teeth is just a phone call & 20 WEEKS away! 

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